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Materiały na Szkołę Letnią:

1. Arnold Oskar Meyer "Schlesien in der deutschen Geschichte".

2. Ewa Ochman "Commemorating the Soviet Deportations of 1945 and Community-Building in Post-communist Upper Silesia".

3. Marcin Wiatr "Spielst du für uns oder gegen uns?".

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5. Andrew Demshuk "Reinscribing Schlesien as Śląsk. Memory and Mythology in a Postwar German-Polish Borderland".

6. Hugo Service "Sifting Poles from Germans? Ethnic Cleansing and Ethnic Screening in Upper Silesia, 1945–1949".

7. Julia Eichenberg "The Dark Side of Independence: Paramilitary Violence in Ireland and Poland after the First World War".

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10. Lawrence Schofer "Patterns of Worker Protest: Upper Silesia, 1865-1914".

11. T. Hunt Tooley "German Political Violence and the Border Plebiscite in Upper Silesia, 1919–1921".

12. Michael R. Haines "Population and Economic Change in Nineteenth-Century Eastern Europe: Prussian Upper Silesia, 1840-1913".

13. Harry K. Rosenthal "National Self-Determination: The Example of Upper Silesia".

14. Poland businness.

15. Polen analysen.

16. Anthony D. Smith "National Identity".

17. Shils "Center and perifery".